Build a durable fence from feather edge boards and arris rails. Close board fences built from feather edge fence boards are typically stronger than waney lap or overlap fences due to their construction and timber solidity.
Feather edge fencing panels are typically made from robust and high-quality natural timber, which accounts for their strength. Feather edge fencing often stands taller than waney lap or overlap fencing.
Whereas overlap fencing often means that one side of the fence is unsightly, both sides of feather edge fence panels are attractive. Although our feather edge boards are water treated and come in beautiful natural colours like dark wood or light pine, you can also paint this fencing.
It can alternatively be used as a cladding.
• Combined with other fencing components you can create strong and attractive traditional board fencing
• Offers a cost effective and flexible fencing solution
• Can be used without replacing existing posts
• Pressure treated to ensure durability and prevent rot
• Cut ends should be sealed with appropriate wood preservative
• FSC certified
• Pressure treated boards
• Variety of lengths
• Finish- natural
• UK customer service
• We use our own delivery trucks
• Live delivery updates

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