A Wood stain penetrates the wood, meaning it preserves and protects, giving it that extra protection from weathering elements. Stain for wood will bring out the beauty of the wood grain rather than covering it. There are many coloured wood stains and a choice of top trade brands and sizes suitable for a variety of applications
Breathe new life into your garden with a lick of wood stain, a perfect way to enhance and protect your furniture, fences, and more. Our wood stain is available in various shades to suit any outside space, so you can freshen up your garden no matter what your taste.
Wood stain not only improves the appearance of your garden furnishings, decking, and fences, but it helps protect against weather damage over time. Quick-drying exterior protects against cracking and peeling and is ideal for outdoor wood, including joinery and window frames.
Whether you’re refreshing wooden seating with an oak stain, updating decking with rich walnut, or renovating a fence with a fresh coat of teak, find wood stain for every garden here.

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