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We manufacture a wide range of timber shelving, made from various softwood species of timber. This allows us to offer our customers the option of having a bespoke shelf, that suits both their style preferences and their needs.
Our shelves are made from the highest quality timber, ensuring long-lasting and solid shelving that will stand the test of time. Each piece of timber is specially selected to ensure quality, and the shelves are expertly crafted by our team in-house.
At Robins Timber we also offer cut-to-size shelving, which means our customers can order shelves to their exact specification, making the process even more seamless and flexible.

We also offer MDF & plywood shelving to your customisations. MDF is easy to work with, affordable and durable. Plywood is cost effective, durable & offers a alternative finish.
– Redwood pine shelving
– Max thickness 95mm
– Max width 220mm
– Planing and cutting service
– Collection or delivery service

£27.60£33.59 Including Vat